Laser Dynamics is a New Zealand owned and operated company with more than ten years experience in the cutting industry.

Leading the way in New Zealand’s steel market, Laser Dynamics & CNC Profile Cutting Services with their innovative vision have now become the country’s largest and most efficient plate processing plant.

Over and above standard Laser cutting, we specialise in specific fields within the profile industry; Bevel Cutting, Drilling/Tapping and Heavy Plate Cutting. Dimensional accuracy is essential and therefore adhered to at all times.

Laser Dynamics and CNC Profile Cutting Services are located under the same roof and are staffed by the same excellent people.

After offering all of the above, there is an added in-house service of a 400 and 600 tonne CNC Brake Press, which in turn offers a complete plate processing service.

Whether your business is in the North or South Island, a one man band or a multinational company, Laser Dynamics can provide you with high quality profiles.


Laser Cutting

Plasma Cutting

Bevel Cutting

Drilling And Tapping

Oxy-Fuel Cutting

Brake Press Service